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Do you want to help other students while earning service hours? Then join the Studyist Team!

Discord Moderator

Apply to be a Studyist discord mod! This would involve monitoring chats, answering questions, helping with tickets, assigning roles, banning members, and enforcing the rules.

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Discord Executive

With multiple different side-jobs open, the Discord executive spot is a great way to refine your leadership skills.

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Discord Tutor

As a Discord tutor at Studyist, you'd be responsible for answering/helping many different students in their classes. Whether through video chat, or text, you can earn service hours!

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Content Revisers

Our content revision team is responsible for fixing our submitted content and getting it ready for here, the website.

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TikTok Creators

Apply to run a TikTok account for an AP class. You’d have to post 3 TikToks a week at minimum.

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AP Quiz Creator

If you've taken an AP class in the past, create an AP unit quiz set for us! Each set has a number of units with 20 questions per unit.

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Career/Major Info Guide Creator

Guide creators for Studyist, apply here if making guides for subjects, infographics, and more fit your fancy.

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College Info Guide Creators

Create a 10+ page info guide about a college for service hours. Sign up with any colleges you want to research and you’ll be assigned a school!

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Content Creators

Content creators make a study guide for service hours! Study guides must be original and are roughly 25+ pages.

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Blog Team

We open up our blog application when we need a writer, editor, or a proofreader. Our blog has articles centered around high school advice, academics, test prep, and studying.

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Regional Representatives

Regional representatives help us with outreach. You are responsible for spreading the word about Studyist both online and in your area. It is self-paced, great for experience, and carries an amazing impact.

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Essay Editors

Apply to edit essay for service hours. You’d have to edit a minimum of 5 essays per month but have the freedom to pick the essays.

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YouTube Content Creator

The position will require you to be able to film a minimum of 2 videos per month. All videos must be filled with appropriate attire along with a professional environment and no background noise.

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Executive Reserve

The executive reserve applications are for people seeking a higher-up position at Studyist. Frequently, we are looking for one person to do a specific job so we pull from these applicants.

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