Here are answers to questions that are asked typically by our users!

Where did the Discord go?

For a short period the Discord was shutdown, due to a transfer of involement services. However, it'll be up and running again soon! Feel free to apply for a position in the "JOIN" tab.

What if I apply for something and don't hear back?

Our emails have been going into people’s spam inbox, so make sure you check there first!! After checking your spam inbox if you can’t find an email DM us on instagram @studyisthq

Is there more content on the way?

All of our study guides go through 3 people before they are posted. We edit them so they are high quality but it can be time-consuming. We have some new ones about career and college that will be coming soon!!

What is coming to the site?

We post new study guides every weekend. New blog articles are released every couple weeks. We have AP quiz sets that are being uploaded every week. We have some tutor matching programs, and study buddies and groups. We also have some new career info guides that will be arriving shortly!! Follow us on Instagram @studyisthq and/or TikTok @studyisthq for updates!

How do I join the team?

Check out the “Join” page for the google forms! We’d love to have you on our team. College info Guide creators create study guides for service hours under the requirements specified when they are chosen for a college. Regional representatives help spread the word and it’s a relatively low-commitment position! And we have several other positions available based on what you want to help out with!!

Do I get service hours for joining?

Content creators, regional representatives, tutors, AP TikTok, YouTube Team, blog team, and AP quizzes all receive service hours.

How do community service hours work for volunteers?

Every school records them differently! Our volunteer manager works with all the individual content creators to make sure they get credit for their hard work in whatever way is required. Content creators log their hours and keep the leadership team updated on their progress. We will sign off on as many hours as you work up until a certain extent and will sign off once the final product is submitted. We do reserve the right to retract any hours if content is plagiarized.

What is the study buddy program and how does it work?

Studyist Study Buddies matches you with someone taking one of your classes or to prepare for standardized testing. We match you based on academic personality, how you’re doing in the class, frequency of meeting, what time zone you’re from, what you want to do with your buddy, etc. Click here to be matched.

What do I do if my study buddy doesn’t reply?

If it has been more than a week after you received your match and they are unresponsive, email ava@studyist.org and she will be able to tell you if they gave another form of contact. If not, re-apply and you will be matched with someone new!!

Are you a 501c3?

Yes! Studyist has officially been registered as a 501c3 (nonprofit organization) since November 16th, 2021.

Do you have honors content?

Our non-AP guides are made to be used for honors or regular versions of that class. Curriculums vary not only by level but by county so please keep that in mind.

Who is this for?

Studyist is made for American high school students plus anyone taking an AP class, in the IB program, or enrolled in an equivalent course. We are working on middle school and more international content as well.

Who makes the content?

All of our content is created by students who have done well in the class they’re making content for. All of our guides go through several editing processes to ensure that the guides aren't plagiarized and have the correct information for the class.

What are the requirements to be on the content team?

If you can commit to making a full original course study guide for a class we don’t have yet, the spot is yours. Apply with the link found on the “Join” tab.

How can I help if I can’t be a content creator?

Join as a regional representative to help us with outreach! These applications can also be found on the “Join” tab. Alternatively, if you don’t want an official position, just spread the word! Post on social media and tell your friends, classmates, and teachers.

How can I stay updated?

Our Instagram is @studyisthq and our TikTok is @studyisthq ! We post all the new information you’ll need to know on both platforms.

Why was Studyist founded? And by who?

Read the story, written by the founder, by clicking here.

How big is the team?

There are currently over 400 members on the Studyist team!