2021 Scholarships You Can Apply For

Sofia Flowers
Published on
September 22, 2021
2021 surrounded by checks, scales, and money

Scholarships are huge accomplishments and are super beneficial to funding your college experience. Something to remember is that if you don’t receive the large dollar amount scholarships, don’t get yourself down!

It’s important to recognize that applying for any and all scholarships you can, no matter the amount, is significant because even getting multiple smaller scholarships will add up!

There are two main types of scholarships:

Scholarship Websites

With the multitudes of scholarships available, there are many websites that are helpful in finding awards that you qualify for! Most of these websites have search engines or filters to find the scholarships that best fit your needs.

Needs-Based Scholarships

There are many scholarships that are need-based. This means the award will most likely go to a student that demonstrates a higher financial need.

Found on Cappex

All scholarships below can be found here: https://www.listsofscholarships.com/need-based-scholarships/

Unknown Deadlines:

Here is a large list of scholarships that apply to students in high-school or who are already enrolled in a university pursuing an undergraduate degree: https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarship-directory/financial-need/financial-need-required

Merit-Based Scholarships

There are also merit-based scholarships. This means that the award will most likely go to a student with high level academics in terms of GPA or courses taken. These scholarships also take into consideration community service, student activities, and other extracurriculars.

All scholarships below can be found here: https://www.listsofscholarships.com/merit-based-scholarships/

Combination Scholarships

Some scholarships are a combination of merit and need-based. This means the award will go the student that demonstrates a high level of merit (usually partnered with some community service or student activities) but also in a position of financial need.

Some scholarships are neither and are simply looking at students that fit the qualifications they’re looking for. Scholarships below can be found here: https://www.listsofscholarships.com/need-based-scholarships/

The following websites will take you to a large list of scholarships available for students that are juniors or seniors in high school!

National Scholarships

National scholarships will be the ones that award the most money, but remember that they are highly competitive with the entire nation. Almost every national scholarship will have some sort of essay and activities requirement. While you’re in a high level competition, it’s still important that you apply to these! Some examples of national scholarships are provided above, such as:


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